Modern Love is a brand with a strong enduring signature. An exclusive, artisan collection of interior wallpaper, furniture, fabrics and prints.

Sarah graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in woven textiles. She has worked and travelled extensively, applying her design skills to a wide array of projects and commissions. She has created an exciting signature style and unique way of applying herdigital craft. Journeying through her obsession with colour, and collaging an exciting array of elements in her compositions; Sarah re-imagines fantastical landscapes and creates a unique and exciting illustrative narrative. Her formative years growing up in Africa, mixed with a life by the English sea side have given Sarah a unique set of influences to draw from. These early inspirations, along with a love of the bygone worlds of botany and film have combined to inform her notable style. Ultimately Sarah’s work allows us to inhabit a paradise previously unknown and leaves us with a strong sense of pleasure.

Kim is a creative director, having worked in the fashion world for many years. She worked on a variety of international magazines, and was fashion director of British Elle during its seminal, groundbreaking years. This role brought her into contact with many designers, and over the years she has worked as a collaborator, defining collections through fashion shoots, shows and advertising campaigns. Her style is one of informed and modern influences. She is committed to expressing the Modern Love message in the clearest form possible without compromising the design ethos. Sensuality is a key part of her vocabulary and therefore textiles and surface design play a huge part in the end result. Using her editing skills, influences from all forms are brought together to create beautiful, thought provoking pieces.